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Adalante Mujeres - Forest Grove Farmer's Market

Adelante Mujeres (Forward Women) is a Forest Grove-based nonprofit working to educate and empower low-income Latina women and families.  One of the organization’s signature programs, Adelante Chicas, empowers Latina girls to develop their leadership potential and cultural identity and achieve academic success. In August 2013, 90 elementary, middle, and high school age girls from the Chicas summer program participated in an Equity Stories photography workshop. Participants interviewed one another about their communities. Then they took each other’s photos and selected quotes from their interviews to represent the stories they wanted to share.

Adelante Mujeres also organizes the Forest Grove Farmers Market. In July 2013, community members participated in a videography workshop and then used their new skills to conduct video interviews with farmer’s market customers. The interviews focused on issues of food access, health, and the Forest Grove community.

A Forest Grove farmers market customer talks about the challenges related to accessing fresh food.

A Forest Grove farmers market customer talks about community efforts to provide access to food for low-income Forest Grove residents.

A Forest Grove farmers market customer discusses the challenge of fostering healthy eating habits in children.